The Rat Pack

By 3sha

Meet Trevor, the pied piper and director rolled into one.

He collects mouse puppets and dolls. It's the first time I met him for our project and we immediately clicked (Or maybe that's how Trevor is with everyone, I don't know for sure, hehe). We talked about almost everything: movies, children's fables, mice, places to visit, smoking, christmas, oh, and of course the project. He brought his mouse collection during our grading session at Optima. They're really cute.

The five finger-puppet mice on the left, he got them in Australia, but the mice were made in Indonesia (if I'm not mistaken). The minute they were bought, the storekeeper wept. It's a really nice mouse story. The two mices the right are talk-mechanically; one sings New York, New York and the other just laughs at everyone. ^_^

Swirls vs. Straights

By 3sha
Handwriting analysis

Tried it with cursive and print. More or less 60% accurate with the other 40% saying I've got split personality. haha.

The results of your analysis say:
You plan ahead, and are interested in beauty, design, outward appearance, and symmetry. 
You are a shy, idealistic person who does not find it easy to have relationships, especially intimate ones. 
You are affectionate, passionate, expressive, and future-oriented. 
You are not very reserved, impatient, self-confident and fond of action. 
You enjoy life in your own way and do not depend on the opinions of others.

The results of your analysis say:
You plan ahead, and are interested in beauty, design, outward appearance, and symmetry. 
You are a person who thinks before acting, intelligent and thorough. 
You are diplomatic, objective, and live in the present. 
You are not very reserved, impatient, self-confident and fond of action. 
You enjoy life in your own way and do not depend on the opinions of others.

Finding Christmas

By 3sha
As chinese tradition, we still can't properly celebrate christmas this year with a tree. It's out last year of mourning for my grandparents. We're not supposed to "celebrate" the holidays for a span of 2 years after their death.

It was weird seeing gifts piled up in a corner of our house where we were supposed to have our yearly christmas tree. Gifts without the tree can be a sorry sight, so I did a couple of adjustments here and there and transformed our chinese ponkan tree into this...

Still rough around the edges, but it's closest to a christmas tree we can have this year. So that'll do. ^_^

Untying the knot

By 3sha
A few weeks ago, talks about love and relationships seemed to be the only topic floating around me. I’d heard it from an officemate, a relative and a close friend. Break-ups, marriages, cold shoulders, all common reactions on love. It got me thinking about my past and how easy it was for me heal from relationships, be it friend or lover. Of course, I can’t forget about the relationship and I loved the person, but once it’s over I’d slip out of love as easily as I’d slipped in. I feel like I’d been skipping out on the “closure” process. Some friends would even accuse me of not loving in the first place, as the reason I find it easy to heal. But if I didn’t love him, I wouldn’t even bother going into the relationship in the first place.

But still, why do I heal fast?

I found my answer in a book I was reading last night. And I’ve included it here.

It’s a wonderful excerpt from Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh : Only Losers Can Win This Game (A Darshan Diary). Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh is also called Osho and Acharya Rajneesh.*


p. 296-297

In fact attachment is a barrier to love. People have the wrong notion: they think that attachment is love; it is not. Attachment is just the opposite of love. Attachment is fear, not love; attachment is possession, not love. Attachment is a kind of politics, diplomacy, strategy, but not love. Love need not be attached. And if this understanding is coming to you—that you are tired of attachment then drop attachment. That is not a step in dropping love; in fact that is a step in growing towards love. But the mind is very much confused about love and attachment. One has to be very alert, only then can one remain loving; otherwise attachment settles. And it gives trouble, it creates misery.

When attachment creates misery you start getting tired of attachment, then naturally of love too. Then one becomes afraid of love because one sees if you love, attachment comes in. They are not necessarily connected; they are only connected in our ignorance, in our unawareness. They are not connected themselves, they are poles apart. In fact it is a miracle how we manage them together in the same bed! They are not bedfellows; they cannot be. They are not a couple. Attachment is poison to love.

If you can drop attachment, then give it a try again. There is no need to separate. Just drop attachment, be friends, be loving. Give it two month's more grace! But this time no jealousy, no conflict. If he goes to some other woman, say good-bye and welcome him when he comes back. Don't ask him where he has been and what he is doing; that is none of your business! (to yatri) If sarita goes to somebody else and is happy, you need not be worried about it; in fact you should be happy that she is happy.Love would like the other to be happy wherever the other is happy. Love bestows happiness on the other. And it was a great insight that you came to last night—that deep down you somehow wanted her to be sad. That is violence—that is not love—but that's what goes on. We go on saying that we want to be happy and that we want the other to be happy, but deep down we want the other's happiness only in reference to us.

You would have felt happy if she were miserable because that would really give you power—that she cannot live without you, that she cannot exist without you, that you are so important, that you are so significant. But she was happy.. . and this was going to be the last day: I was going to separate you today! It was going to be a divorce—and she was happy. That hurts.
Two months more! (laughter) But in these two months, no jealousy.


* He is an Indian spiritual leader who preached an eclectic doctrine of eastern mysticsism, individual devotion and sexual freedom.

Where's Wonka?

By 3sha

At a wedding reception last night, we saw this scene made entirely out of chocolate. Yum.


By 3sha
We sent Andre (our pet shih-tzu) to the petshop to be groomed. While waiting for him we shopped around for more pet stuff and found these:

Perfume for your pet. Crazily amounting to P 3,000 each.

Mmm....nice doggy...

And this is the petshop house pet, guarding his treasure.

B1 and B2

By 3sha

Now is that a banana in love with a dick or is it the other way around?

Saw this funny piece at a souvenir shop in Cebu.

What's so special about it?

It's one of a set. *grin*

Sunny-side up at the Araw Awards 2005

By 3sha
Coming home from Cebu for the first time can be a very tiring experience. Especially if it's coupled with THE event. The 19th Philippine Advertising Congress and followed up by the Araw Awards 2005. Although I only got a glimpse of 19th PAC's tail, I'm very happy being there for the awards show (Thanks Leigh! hehe).

Yup. I'm a collector. This is my haul from my first advertising congress. Airline tickets, receipts, bag tags, blankets, towels, hotel pillows, etc. (whoops!) heh. mouth still waters everytime I....mmmm...scallops...

Some of the Y&R Kamasutra team.

I got made up by Leigh ^^. Even with a bindhi I still don't look Indian enough! hehe

We got Mumbai!

Half-shots of the Kamasutra Panel(ists). L-R: Fabo, Joey, Marco, Mike, Adrian, Adi, Me, Willy

And did I mention? We won! We Won! We Won! 1 Gold, 2 silvers and 6 bronzes! Yey! Go to Leigh's blog for more details.

=^.^= S

By 3sha
Looky what I found for Pratchett fans.

Crouching at the last shelf of the Mezzanine floor, Fully Booked-Rockwell. Right about five copies displayed, waiting for a comfy shelf space in homes of cat-crazy pratchett fans.

Backtracking Halloween

By 3sha

Pahabol halloween photo. Got it from vox's blog
(aka joey) ^_^

That's Bennet, Jay, Fabo, Myles, Zak, Me, Neeners and Derrick.

Rat Tales

By 3sha
It was lunch. We were eating at our renovated foodcourt, newly onwed by Triple V Express. The food is quite good and they have a fine variety from chinese to american dishes.

I have this unconscious habit where my feet would home in on table legs and start tapping. Not the fast tapping tappity-tap-tap type, but more slower of the tap--tap--tappity---tap--tap kind.

So here I was, eating my pasta and tapping my feet.






*TAP?* *TAP?*

*squish* *squish*

So I glance down to check if I was tapping on some other person's foot. I wasn't. Looked around and I thought I saw my shoelace, and as I was about to reach down and tie them up, I accidentally kicked into view the thing I was already tap-squishing...

It was a mouse.

...And it was already shaking and going into convulsions.

I jumped. They called the waiter, he got rid of the poor mouse.

As we were walking away from the table, I thought I heard a very very faint...


It was an unfortunate day for a mouse. And I don't hold Triple V express for it, they just finished construction, a lot of things come out after constructions. It was just one of those days where my tapping is actually of good use. ^_^

Bare the bear

By 3sha

Caught him at starbucks while I was casually deliberating if I should buy him when the barista came over and said "If you're not getting him I will, he is soo cute kasi!" And after hearing that, the bear became mine ^_^



By 3sha
I found this in Leigh's Flicker account. hehe. ^_^

once again...


By 3sha
Lazily lounging in our living room I switched on the tv and channel surfed. Accidentally landing on Kris Aquino's Game ka na ba? Show. I'm not a Kris fan and will never be, but upon hearing the trivia questions and the blundering answers I couldn't help but watch. Oh and this time the contestants were ABS-CBN talents & guests. ^_^

Here are some of the dialogues. Read and laugh. hehe.

Kris: Which one of these animals is considered a reptile? Monkey, Kangaroo, Turtle.
Madam Auring: Monkey?

Kris: What is the last vowel of the alphabet?
Rapper (possibly from Salbakuta) : Z? .... E?

Kris: What the answer if you multiply 6 by 2.5? 12, 15, 18
Neri (Star Circle Quest): 13?
Kris: I'm sorry that is not even on the choices.

Kris: In the 24-hour clock format, what is 16:00 in the 12-hour format?
Lhong Mejiya: 4:00 ?
Kris: AM or PM?
Lhong Mejiya: AM?


By 3sha

I've finally visited the new Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branch near our office today.

It was an after office thing, initially I was planning to grab my new Gaiman book, Anansi Boys, and crash there till 9pm. But I went there with Arnel instead. I really love their Chai Latte (indian spiced tea), unfortunately I finished it before I got the chance to take a picture hehe.


By 3sha

That's me in Konoha!

haha, my brother gave me a Naruto Jounin Vest and i couldn't take it off for a whole day. ^_^


By 3sha

It's our annual halloween decor contest! And this is our entry.

Composing everyone's face onto the monsters was tricky. But, I had a grand time assembling the pictures together, we typefitted each person to the closest resembling monster. It was so funny.

As casted from right to left:

• Bennet - Frankenstein
• Siki - Bride (Beetlejuice)
• Ariel - Beetlejuice
• Jun B - Headless man (Beetlejuice)
• Hurley - Dwarf
• Derrick - Dracula (Spawn)
• Marco - Ogre
• Ringo - Gollum (LOTR)
• Jay - Mummy (Spawn)
• Leigh - Elizabeth Bathory (Spawn)
• Louie - Head1
• Jimmy - Head 2
• Buddy - Head 3
• Joey - Sadako
• Fabo-Devil (from the movie "Legend")
• Me - Chinese Vampire
• Arnel - Chucky (Child's play)

Work, work, work

By 3sha

This is my messy workstation.

Anime figurines on display, my laptop, some post-its on the wall (I really need to get a corkboard or something)

I haven't been blogging regularly, works seems to pile up everyday since last month. -.-


By 3sha
I'm hooked.

Gunz The Duel, my most recent addiction.
  • BlastMe

  • Although I've not really gotten off RO online, I must admit RO spellcasting/slashing cute monster already bores me, add that to the fact that trying to level up is already stressful based on my character's current level.

    Gunz is basically a third player game much like Devil May Cry & Quake, only this time you get to duel with real time players. Its characters moves in close kin to The Matrix, i.e. wall climbing, wall running while shooting, sword climbing. Oh, and what's the use of gravity defying acrobatics without really cool uniforms, like trench coats, gloves, boots and hats to suit your fetish. You also get to choose from 6 character styles, more or less how you'd want to carry your gun/s and sword/s. Double handed Uzi player (like mine), Travian Doctor (with medic kits), Handgun/Dagger player, etc. All character have a ranged and a melee weapon, so while in game play, you can choose between the two depending on your strategy. The controls are so much like Counter Strike. It also has a simple leveling system, that just means you need to kill other players to add to your xp points. No matter what your level. (Although, it does get harder to level up when you're in combat with higher level characters)

    It still is in Open Beta Mode so there are quite a few bugs and it takes a while to download, but everything is free, so that's not a problem. I've leveled up my character to level 6 and bought her new clothes, hehe. I'm still going for that nice trench coat I saw at the Gunz shop with matching boots. hehe. I can't wait to upgrade my weapons too. ^_^


    The Mystery of Three

    By 3sha
    After having finished a daily dose of the new online game I'm currently hooked with (Gunz Online - I'll blog about this some other time), I feel a meme coming up. ^_^

    Meme courtesy of
  • Chris

    1. Trisha (my true name)
    2. Maryan (my alter ego)
    3. 3sha (my i'm-bored-with-my-name name)

    1. sylverlyt
    2. skaiphoenix
    3. skaisha

    1. I heal easily when it comes to my emotions.
    2. I can shape-shift from the sweetest thing you've ever met into the bitch everyone hates.
    3. I'm curiously interested in mostly everything.

    1. I am too tall for my own good.
    2. I am impatient.
    3. I have a tendency to go into a shell and throw away the key.

    1. The color Red.
    2. Pancit
    3. Temples

    1. Heights
    2. Centipedes
    3. Death

    1. Mac
    2. Book
    3. Money

    1. Scrunchie
    2. Shorts
    3. Tank top

    1. White Stripes
    2. Black Crowes
    3. Dave Matthews Band

    1. Seven Nation Army (White Stripes)
    2. Fell in love with a boy (Joss Stone)
    3. Fever (Peggy Lee)

    1. Go the the ADCON for the first time.
    2. Make my own website.
    3. Go on a long vacation.

    1. The belief that being together is the most important part of the relationship.
    2. Good surprises.
    3. Unconditional love.

    TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE (in no particular order)
    1. I like touching pillow corners while I sleep.
    2. I weigh 140 lbs.
    3. I like eating raisinets.

    1. Ruggedly Macho
    2. Compassion
    3. Confidence

    1. Sell my body.
    2. Kill myself.
    3. Fly.

    1. Reading
    2. Gaming
    3. Shopping

    1. Sleep
    2. Lose weight
    3. Finish this meme

    1. Teaching
    2. Account Management
    3. Marine Biologist (just so I can hang around dolphins)

    1. Egypt
    2. Greece
    3. Japan

    1. Tristan
    2. Chloe
    3. Raine

    1. Have a family
    2. Visit Louvre
    3. Meditate in Tibet

    1. I like shopping.
    2. I like men.
    3. I shout "aieeee" when surprised or excited.

    1. I have a preference for comfort more than trends.
    2. It's easier for me to become "one of the boys" than a "kikay" friend.
    3. I prefer sneakers to heels.

    Bot in boots

    By 3sha

    We put Joey's Robotnik doll in Uno's boots today hehehe. He looks funny.


    By 3sha

    Saw this funny sign at Shaw boulevard on my way to work.

    Go figure.

    Happy Feet

    By 3sha

    I lost my weekend.

    The ironic thing about it was that we were working on a Saturday for a pitch that was all about the holidays. And the Sunday free-day wasn't enough to make up for lost sleep. Although I did have fun doing pitch work, I can't say my body agrees with it.

    My only saving grace was these Naruto Shinobi shoes, which I bought right after the presentation (Thanks to Derrick ^_^ ) It cost me P650 bucks for this pair, but it was well worth it. If only to make me a little happier and keep my mind off sleepless nights ^_^

    I kept wearing them at home wondering what clothes to partner them with if I wanted to wear these to work. I wish we had a cosplay friday haha. It would be so funny to see anime-looking people walking around in Makati on a workday. Imagine them sitting at your local cafeteria having the usual lunch or merienda. ^_^

    Of Blacks, Whites and Grays

    By 3sha
    Spent the whole weekend trying to talk sense to a friend. Apparently he has love problems. And to the curious, no. I'm not going to disclose his story in this blog. Instead I've decided to write about my thoughts during the weekend.

    Some of us decide on things using only two methods. For the hopeful and the safe-minded, gray areas of decision are common ground. Thinking about all aspects of emotions, possibilities, and strategies. Weighing advantages, disadvantages and then coming to a conclusion. Giving space to everyone involved, worthy or not.

    And if all else fails.

    We switch to black and white. An ultimatum of sorts. A more tangible manner of deciding the fate of the problem usually done within a duration. A deadline. A limit. Depending mostly on a thought-out sign of escape or pointless end.


    People also have certain types of attitude towards grabbing energy (emotions, strength) from others. Narrowing it down to three popular types, thanks to James Redfield author of 10th Insight.

    • The Detective - Where people ask a lot of questions that will selfishly satisfy his own desires, thereby centering the attention to himself.

    • The Martyr - This kind vocalizes how he has sacrificed so much and gets very little in return, they usually grab the "oh kawawa ka naman" reactions.

    • The Bully - Injecting himself into anything and aggressively pushing his own ideas or thoughts even when not asked.

    Unanswered thoughts:

    How much is too much in a relationship?

    When we keep something for ourselves, does it mean time? money? or emotions?

    Is it right to hold on to a person or to let them go? If holding on to a person means you love them and if letting them go also means you love them?

    Which would be more important to a relationship: respect or trust? Or should it come at the same time?

    Is sex proof of love? Does it matter?

    Are humans capable of giving unconditional love?


    By 3sha

    Lugging a 14" laptop everyday to office can do a lot of damage to your back.

    That's me as a turtle. Before and after office. And if in case I get an invited to an after-office thing, I'd have to lug that thing 'til I get to greenbelt or anywhere else in Makati. The last time I had a dinner in Greenbelt I had to walk going there with my friend, so we passed on the building bridges taking turns carrying the backpack. It was a funny sight, because everytime the backpack went to any one of us that person would have an automatic slowed paced.

    I wish I was a guy, then I wouldn't have to be putting in make-up kits, my wallet and my phone inside that shell. Instead, I have my phone & my wallet comfortably sitting inside my loose-pant pockets.

    Don't touch my birdie

    By 3sha

    We got a new lampshade. hehe.

    It's actually Andre, our pet shih-tzu. Now the reason behind the collar is a welt found right on top of his right ball, maybe 2cm in diameter (yeah, the thought of sticking a ruler right beside a dog's ball is a rare sight)

    Andre turned out to be allergic to chicken.

    Being the female that I am, not really much attuned to the maleness of the issue, I decided to treat the injured ball myself. My treatment: hydrogen peroxide, betadine, a pinch of Bactroban ointment and gauze. Now the moment I told my brother what I did, he crunched up holding his own balls with just the thought of Hydrogen Peroxide. WHOOPS! At this point Andre was shaking terribly...0.0 eep! my fault. So sorry.

    I had always thought of men's balls having more or less the same skin tolerance my lips has. I forgot about the nerves.

    Last Wednesday, I brought Andre to the vet. And after that he came out looking like this.

    A suction cup/furry lampshade. ^_^

    Gateway to Heaven

    By 3sha

    Finally! I got to have my books signed. Hurrah!

    The sunday shoot actually came out to be a blessing in disguise. Having been allowed to take leave the next Monday (Gaiman's last day on tour), I was able to go to gateway mall. It was a really good thing that I got to be on the priority line, as spill over from Saturday's signing got me a great spot. It was so funny, everytime our line moved forward everyone cheered. ^_^

    I got to hug and "beso" the man himself after telling him thanking for visiting manila (because everything I wanted to say to him went blank). And I was so tensed, I forgot to tap him on the shoulder for a better picture. Argh, so the Fully Booked personnel not only took blurred photos of me and him but our head of hair as well. Nonetheless, the day turned out great. I was all smiles after that. hehe.


    Gateway Mall was nice. It had the makings of Shangri-la and Rockwell. But what I liked most was the glass-window-enclosed-open-air garden that surprisingly turned out to be a Pizza Hut Bistro restaurant. It had a wishing pond and was partially airconditioned. It a nice date place. ^_^

    Waiting in Vain

    By 3sha
    Today can be summed up in two words.

    Neil Gaiman.

    I received an email yesterday that Fully Booked will start giving out numbered stubs on a first-come-first-served basis for the book signing today, 10:30 am. Being the fan that I am, I went there at that time and reached the reception table (oh yes, there was a long line of fans there too) at around 11am.

    I was tagged fan number 527! I was surprised by the fact that it only took 30 minutes for the number to hit 500 and enthusiastic that I luckily reached the numbered slot of 700 booksignees today.

    Come 3pm. The beginning of The Gathering.

    Artworks slapped on accordion boards. Goth band playing on stage (obviously a delaying tactic). Goth-posers crawling around the grounds. Lady Death lookalikes with their ankh necklaces. Black was the color of the day. People of all ages gathered all over the tent, waiting.

    A couple of zigs later. Neil came. Wearing the leather jacket he blogged about, he was smiling and quite surprised by the noise people could make. He was a rockstar armed with only a pen. Everyone heartily welcomed him and as soon as he reached the stage, flashing arms shot up desperately trying to catch a good picture.

    He then read an excerpt from his new book, Anansi Boys. It was actually going to be his first "funny" book. So I'll most likely be getting my own copy of it, along with Mr. Punch and Mirror Mask.

    Hearing the excerpt was the only good thing that actually happened to me today. And it would've been almost perfect if not for the two young girls behind me who more interested in chit-chatting between themselves about a stupid PEP rally in the middle of Gaiman's reading. GAH! Talk about annoying. I was so close to shooing them out of the tent, but instead I zigzagged my way to a new listening spot.

    Now for lucky 527.

    Unfortunately, come booksigning, my number didn't make it. I gave up around 7:30pm when they were accomodating numbers 90-120. I was carfully estimating the time, given the fact that only 4 hours will be given for the booksigning starting at 5pm, it'll last till 9pm. By that time he will be signing 300 books. I doubt if he will last to finish all 700 books in one sitting, his hand is going to die signing those, plus Fully Booked will insist that he rest and sign another day. Even if they extended it, I still won't make it. Cutting my losses (I didn't win in the art competition and in the raffle draw), I left early. Lucky number 527 was a bust.

    I was told I could go back the tomorrow at Fully Booked Greenhills for the 2nd booksigning. But I couldn't. I have to shoot a commercial tomorrow. I'll try though. But I doubt if I'd get there in time. And Monday (3rd booksigning) was totally out of the picture. I have work on Monday.

    So near...

    Maybe I can get my book signed next time. Maybe never. I don't know. If a miracle happens tomorrow or on Monday, I'll thank the gods.

    The Other Table

    By 3sha
    Went out last night with my friend. It was one of those nights where you just had this urge to have a nice persian dinner with a close friend. Well, it was also one of those nights where you'd coincidentally meet quite obnoxious people.

    Right place. Bad timing.

    Time, I should say played a great deal last night. The place, well, it was a quaint little place where they serve mediterrenean dishes. The food was good. The price? Affordable. So everything was well in place for a good night-out. Add a couple of cig sticks here and there....nope, scratch that. No cigs 'til 9pm. That was the rule of the place.

    Now, being a smoker. It wasn't a big problem for me. I could wait. No biggie. After all, with all the anti-smoking campaigns running around the country nowadays, acceptance is truly part of the whole package.
    So here goes my semi-rant entry.

    We reached the place at 8pm. Went through the usual choosing and ordering of dishes, and the usual conversation. There was a group of let's say...fifty-ish people on the other table, 3 men and 3 women. As I was talking with my friend, she was already checking the clock for the 9pm green light. And lo, magic number 9 came. So my friend asked the waiter if it was ok to smoke. The waiter looked at the other table, mentally measuring the time before they billed out and told us, not yet.

    So, we wait.

    It was turning out to be a nice night. Two new groups arrived, apparently smokers also. Mind you, the bar was a known resto to have that kind of smoking rule. A rule of compromise for both parties. So we all waited till the older group eventually billed out.

    The clock ticked 10pm. The older table were still ordering dessert. It's like prolonging the torture. So ok. Wait. But it was also until that time the waiter already started placing ashtrays on the smoking tables. A signal of permission, as I may call it.

    So all the other smokers on that bar connected with fire.

    Now, there was this lady on the other table who started using her shawl as an anti-smoking filter. Obviously, showing to all the smokers she's irritated. And top it off, she called the waiter and exclaimed very loudly to cancel all the desserts because the smoke was already getting to her. Also, convincing herself that it was already 10pm and that the smokers were allowed to smoke there. So, for that fact, she already knows the rule of the place. But what irritated me was that she continued to exclaim loudly that she couldn't handle the smoke. Causing a small commotion in her group. They eventually billed-out and took home the dessert.

    Hahaha. *evil grin* (buti nga)

    I could take the rules, hell, I can even wait. But one thing I hate most is someone who'd rub the issue and cause a commotion, when they themselves know the rules. Sorta like trying to powertrip, but having no power at all.
    It was irritating and satisfying. I have nothing against non-smokers. I even respect them for that. But I don't find anything wrong with connecting with my fire element.

    As Tom Robbins wrote on his book, roughly said: (not word per word, my memory's not perfect hehe)
    --The dragon is one great mythical creature that is in touch with the four elements. Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Compared to man, man only has earth (land-walkers and we go back to it through death), air (breathing) and water (to be scientific about it, we are 99% [? correct my percentage if you must :)] water). And's not as "inside" of us as the other 3 elements. So , with smoking we (smokers) connect with it.--

    Now some might disagree. But me, I'll just keep it as that. ;P


    By 3sha

    Hurrah! I've finally finished my entry for the Gaiman Art contest. It's from the book, Coraline. The contest came out as a motivation to draw a character of Gaiman, something I wanted to do a long time ago, but couldn't really start. I think I get things done faster with pressure haha.

    I'm baptizing the entry "Deadend."

    This is my own rendition of the “other mother.” I wanted to capture the uneasiness of meeting this distinct character reaching out to you and at the same time allowing yourself to feel a burst of courage as you approach her. The same feeling of Coraline when she first met her “other mother.”

    Emphasizing the highlights on her button eyes came out pretty good. From afar they actually seem to be staring at you, but on closer ground you get the deadpan feeling.

    “Deadend” symbolizes Coraline’s first look at her apartment’s brickwall and her first meeting with the “other parents.” It shows you the problem; how you deal with it is, eventually, your next move.

    I hope it wins me something. ^_^

    * * *

    I wish the shoot date of the MTV can be moved. It's going to overlap my date with Mr. Neil at Fully Booked on Saturday. I really want to go to "The Gathering." Hmm...maybe if I click my heels three times I can do a quick teleport from the shoot to Rockwell...

    I do?

    By 3sha
    Everyone wants to get married.

    And being 25 doesn't make it any easier to get past those "so when are you gonna get married" questions thrown at you on reunions, be it friend or family.

    From my college friends (we are 11 in the group, including me) one is happily married while another is about to get married this September. I personally know of six highschool friends who got hitched. My recent excapade in greenhills led me to a "close encounter" with a former suitor strolling there with his pregnant wife by his side. I did feel happy for them, but I can never really understand the rush. Bringing up your own family isn't that easy, even if you have a partner to help you out. Hearing all the financial woes at home, arguments, housechores...urgh...the FEAR. ^_^

    Sigh...maybe it isn't for me, not now. Although if I'd want to get married the only reason would be to get my freedom from our house and that wouldn't be fair to my future partner.

    Death Anniversary Take 2

    By 3sha
    Seriously, an anniversary should be a once a year thing.

    Ever heard of a death anniversary being held twice in a year?

    Well. Meet the family.

    Just because we're tsinoys (Chinese born in the philippines), we get to have two different religions. One, a very distorted view of Buddhism. And the other as a Catholic. Talk about utter confusion.

    We recently celebrated my grandad's death anniversary at the Chinese temple, two saturdays ago. Kneeling coupled with the monotonous chanting of old lady monks can be a bad combination on a Saturday morning.

    Ooh, and guess what?

    Tonight, we're celebrating it again. With a proper catholic mass and dinner for everyone. Umm...hello this is a DEATH anniversary, it's not like we WANT to celebrate it TWICE in a row. HELLLOOOOO?

    See, utter confusion.

    We even have two birthdays. One, of the chinese date and the other from the Roman calendar. Why? I could never understand.

    Looking back at the funeral, a year later, Buddhist monks were invited for a prayer session every 3pm for the whole week to help usher the dead to heaven. And at 6pm of the same week, we get to have a catholic mass with the exact same goal. Ewan ko lang kung pinagagawan ang kaluluwa ng lolo ko sa langit.

    This is the one of the reasons why I really don't believe in religion too much. The common denominator of all religions is faith. And I'm fine with that.

    * * *

    People have always been asking me why I harbor a sense of dislike on being chinese. Even complimenting me that I don't act very "chinese." (yes, I've taken those opinions as compliments) I wear black whenver I want to even before there was a death in the family. I speak in Filipino most of the time and insist on speaking in Filipino or English. There was even a time where I hated the color red, just because symbolizes all the nonsensical superstitious beliefs of the culture.

    Being born chinese in the Philippines is like being born with a curse. Mind you, I don't hate the chinese race, because I am chinese whichever way I look at it. I only dislike all the "family honor" crap that goes with it.

    Looking back at my childhood, my dislike was probably acquired from the continous nagging of relatives to live up to the family name. Pressure from everyone because I was the eldest granddaughter. And I hated my parents for succumbing me to that. AngPaos (red envelopes) were given to the grandchildren who excelled most in class. While the others who averagely passed were "shun" away from the "limelight." Those who obeyed without thinking were placed on pedestals, not only in grandchildren but also with the daugter-in-laws. I even remember a time when my grandfather was alive, I was only 11 then. I wasn't known to be a "bookworm" in the family, just because I didn't bring pocketbooks with me to our grandparents house. And I wasn't on the list of grandchildren who were given angpaos. My grandfather, a journalist, decided to give away some of his old books. So he called on all the other grandchildren, well, except for me and my brother, to line up and get the books. I bet you can feel the love, right?

    There were a couple more incidents similar to that. All of them left me feeling insecure and worthless. My grandparents had three boys. Each one had their own families. I was barely into puberty when I decided to be our family's "defender," for the reason that they looked down on my mother, me and my siblings. Every time my grandmother would comment against anyone of us, I'd retort back, even if I wasn't in the conversation. After that, my temper became the talk of the town.

    Back then, my mom would often urged me to go up to the stage and sing whenever it was my grandfather's or grandmother's birthday because she was also pressured to live up to their standards. I hated singing for show and I didn't have much interest on being in the limelight either. But I did it a few times to humor them, until I got so sick of the pressure to live up to everyone's expections that I didn't really care what they thought.

    I wish they'd care more about practicality than superstition and reputation.

    Tri-colored pooch

    By 3sha
    I highlighted my hair RED. Out of boredom. Now there are 3 colors, wahahaha. RED-BROWN-WHITE. I feel like a shih-tzu.

    But it kinda looks good, gives me a certain "Omph!" (>_<) I was soo tempted to cut it short again. But decided against it (also because my sister would kill me if I did it again, I kind of promised to her not to cut it short again) Pa-girl ako this time.

    I spent P1,300 for it. Boredom is expensive. *ngyak*

    Blogger daw!

    By 3sha
    Bless me father for I have sinned, it's been weeks since my last blog. ^_^

    Argh. Once again, it's another delayed blog. Sigh. If only I wasn't so sick of looking at the computer after a long day of work. I even failed to update an entry about my being permanent (at long last) in our office starting June. 1 year and 2 months of being a Contractual employee really does get you restless. Honestly, I even wanted to try my luck abroad if I wasn't made permanent for 2 more months. But nonetheless, HURRAY!!! Hindi na ako saling pusa (meow) hehe.

    Mixed feelings. I felt anxious, excited, and fearful of the status change, all at the same time. I was already asking myself if I deserved it or not, I was also expecting more work to flow in upon permancy. Well, that last part did come true, but who's complaining *bumps head on wall* haha.

    Yey! once again. Thanking everyone who believed. ^_^ Until my next blog...

    He ate my heart too

    By 3sha
    Woohoo! I finally got to watch Howl's Moving Castle. Got the VCD at greenhills for a hundred bucks. Gonna get the DVD when it comes out hehe. The storeowner even offered Bioman and Takeshi's Castle DVDs for 250 (single CD) waaaahh, unfortunately I didn't have enough money to grab those too.

    Back to Howl's movie. My god, it was great. The animation's way better than the other Hayao Miyazaki animes. They were very clever in using CG on some parts; the castle, sophie morphing into the old lady, everything was very fluid. It was so nice, I'll definitely watch it again later. It was quite loyal to the book, although I had forgotten some scenes already so I'll reread the book again this week. I did miss scenes from the book that had Sophie and Howl interacting. But nonetheless it still is a fantastic film.

    When I read the book I had imagined the castle to be a rock-solid-King-arthur type but Hayao Miyazaki's mechanical rendition came out to be pretty right. I also imagined Califer, the fire demon, to be more "demonic" with angrier looking features. Instead he was rendered much like a cute fire demon, which also suited him nicely. (Though the "angry" feature did fire out mid-film.) Trademarks of Miyazaki can be found throughout the film, like the aircrafts, henchmen, and overall costume design.

    Ooh and I love the dog, Heane. He has a really really cute roll-over scene. hehe.

    I hope they animate, Castle in the Air (sequel to Howl's Moving Castle), too.

    What's in a name

    By 3sha
    Just this morning we received a wedding invitation where I was honored to be a bridesmaid in. Problem was they misspelled my name. What ought to be "Trisha Maryan Uy" was made to be "Maryan Tristan Uy." I immediately became a she-male. Aurgh. Now, 100+ or so people at that forthcoming wedding will then know me as Maryan Tristan Uy, the bridesmaid who was cursed by an androgynous name.

    The sad part about all this is that it's my Ninong's wedding and he was the one who submitted that name to the printer. Tells you a lot about how ignorant some people can really be, right? 25 years of being my uncle and he still doesn't know my REAL name up to now. Yeah, call it a rant. Call it angst. But I do get really irritated when someone messes up my name.

    A professor at our college back then even called me "Pat" thinking that my name "Trisha" comes from "Patricia." Good, he didn't call me "Patty" or even the whole name "Patricia" now that would really get on my nerves. I actually stood up in class and told him to reread the classcards thoroughly so he'd get my name right and not jump to any conclusions about its origins.

    Time has made me more patient about mistaken name-callings. A badminton peep had the nerve to actually call me Patricia, but I let it pass because that was the first time we met. It still irks me though.

    I give so much importance to names, after all, isn't it that when you do name someone or something, you then acknowledge its existence? I believe it does. I believe in a lot of things and I definitely believe that a name, even a nickname, will give away a person's character. Reasons behind having a name like Roderick and then renaming yourself simply Derrick translates to character. It lets you ask why people have nicknames, AKAs, and such. A friend changed her name from Riccabuena to Buenaricca. Why? Maybe Buenaricca just sounds better. Or, maybe being "good and happy" should always come first.

    I even encounter a someone called "Revelyn." When I first heard it or even repeated it, it really left a bad taste in my mouth. What kind of a parent would dub their daughter, Revelyn? Yuck.
    I may be altogether to judgemental about this, but to prove it, I eventually had a sideline project with that Revelyn person and I must say this, it didn't push through. After all the projections and initial designs made for that project, nothing went into actual production. Word has it that she never intended to pay for any of the design projects, wishing that everything would be served to her on a silver plate for free. Yeah, tell her to keep wishing. She even named her company "Princess Whales." I honestly fell out of my chair laughing out so hard at that name when I heard it.

    Now I must reiterate, what really is in a name? Everything I guess. It distinguishes you. It reflects what you are. It is your own existence. It has a history. It even has a future. It is your entire being all rolled into one.

    So call me Trisha. One word, two syllables. Easy? Yes.

    By request

    By 3sha
    This poem was first posted in my lj account but because it was requested by a friend (who just had his tooth pulled, at masungit siya) to be posted here, I daren't say no.



    Ashen by the flaming fury

    Of a memory.


    By my beloved enemy.

    Time tells,


    Until life turns

    A moment

    will be mine to take.

    What was,

    will again be.

    When the moment calls,

    My fire will burn


    Stupid Requests

    By 3sha
    I think it's high time I wrote a novel on stupid AE (account executive) requests. I've had my fair share of headaches coming from people who don't know the ins and outs of art production, the programs involved, and the protocols needed for a productiove output.

    My most recent headache came from an AE who asked if I could supply 2D and 3D artworks to our clients (clients, on the otherhand are even worst than unthinking AEs) . I asked, "What? You do know we are an agency and CG renderings are and should always be given to suppliers. I can only do a very close rendition of it but everything will be in 2D." (since I have no access to 3D rendering programs) So when I submitted the requirements in, the AE calls me up to ask me AGAIN if the fil s I had given were in 2D in 3D format. Ummm, hellloooooo! jpegs file , printed out files and emailed files are all in 2D FLAT format. All I can do to the damned thing is emboss it through photoshop, now if you call that 3D rendering, I'd wring your neck.

    Yet another set of stupid requests come from a publications place I worked in. To tell you the truth, I think I just wasted my time trying to fix up their broken system. Not to mention a broken set of people. It was an every month task to plan on the pagenation of the magazine. My ex-boss would often give me plan of 52 pages for the mag, in which at the last few days of final artwork or production he would then lessen the pagers to 40. God, I'd have to re-layout each and every page to fit that request even if I spent the next week awake 'til 5am.

    My patience thins everytime I encounter these types of people. People who are already high up in their line of work but don't really have enough brains to understand the weight of their stupid requests. I once had a client who was the marketing manager of a bank, throughout the meeting I would often wonder how in the world did he become a manager. He always suggested cheesy marketing strategies, he was even proud of a video MTV-type production he did for the bank's theme song, and believe me the production wasn't even an inch close to being an MTV. It was sad to say closer to a highschool video production. The worst part of this was that I'd have to sit in his office watching the stupid thing because he wanted me to see it and comment on an already produced work. Yuck.

    Late night blogging

    By 3sha
    It seems as if I've been chasing up on my non-blogging days now that I've blogged three straight entries in just a day. haha.

    Serves me right for not paying enough attention to my blog.

    I've recently been playing too much online electric air hockey lately that I'm beginning to feel my wrists twitch. Come to think of it my health's not that good so far. Blame on stress. I always feel like though I'm on the brink of breaking out with a fever or something close to that.


    I'm now a certified CSI fan. I watch the DVD morning and night. Yikes. I'm addicted to it.

    CSI Las Vegas of course is my favorite. Grissom's character is pretty interesting.


    I would still have to go to Caloocan tomorrow for my fitting at 5pm. Yuk. That's going to be a really long ride from Makati. It sucks to not be able to control how some things are.

    My Uncle's getting married and I got a role to play in the bridal entourage.

    Which reminds me, I hate wearing gowns. Not that I look bad on them (hehe) but because I'm mostly uncomfortable. Yeah sure, I do look like a lady once in a while but, 3 hours in a long dress is pure torture.

    When I eventually do get married, I will find a way to rid myself of those billowing classic gowns they usually get.

    Meet LJ

    By 3sha
    Our boss had a vision.

    A vision that each and every one of her creatives will have their own presence in the web - a presence known as Livejournal.

    This Livejournal is to be called THEFORVM*. The creative groups' self-baptized name - reminiscent of the long months spent juggling almost all creative projects while she was away on maternity leave.

    THEFORVM is to be a place of greatness. Creativity in writing and art. A place to balance out creativity for work against personal creativity.

    Each week will have a theme. Each week every member will be required to create an entry.

    Each member is obligated to comment on each person's work.

    That is, until we all get the hang of this Livejournal thing and until everyone actually joins and updates their journals this vision will then be something.

    *Private membership only, but you can browse around though if you want


    By 3sha
    Last Sunday was spent doing a general cleaning of our study room, our general family room if you must know. It houses our desktop computer, 3 desks, a library of dictionaries and office supplies. Everyone works in that room. Everyone plays in that room. (That is, if hand-eye gamepad coordination is your forte.) All our phone lines are connected to that room. My brother even has a picture of all 6 of us trying to fit in at the same time, each one doing different things.

    With all that going around, that room never fails to look topsy-turvy every time, even after "attempting" to fix it up.

    Now, pushing that fact aside, you may now meet our study's resident clutterbug - My mom.

    Good lord she collects everything. From plastics (even the kind used to wrap flowers in) to cardboards to the scrappiest kind of paper. Everything she keeps in that one room. She even has a large collection of used eyeglass cases, ballpen shells, unrepairable eyeglasses, cellphone cases, and a very, very old kid's microscope.

    Now imagine me sorting through all those things in one precious Sunday.

    One of my tactics was to donate all the so-called "collectibles" she kept and give them away to the White cross or to some charity. But alas, I could only persuade her because my mom's undying debate was that we or anyone in the family might need that certain type of knick-knack. I just wanted to quit right there and leave all the unfinished cleaning to someone else.

    I even thought I had won the battle by compromising with her to at least pick out 1 or 2 items from her collections and give everything away. But to my dismay, when I got back home late from work, everything that was supposed to be due for charity eventually found their way back to the study.

    Sigh...a clutterbug will always be a clutterbug.

    Kicking kinks

    By 3sha
    Changed my template to devilish RED!hehe Still hurts my eyes from time to time whenever I look at it. Am more than tempted to go back to my former template (flash based header-bubble type of thing) BUT right now I too lazy to surf for the bothersome htmls that come with it.

    I still haven't fixed my links. After several tries of going over that html code and rewriting and republishing it, I've finally given up trying to link up to my blog buddies...sigh. I do have to make some time for that again...when I'm more than willing to go through those codes again. For now, do say hi to that little robed cutey at your monitor's bottom left-hand side. ^_^

    Jack Stone Clan

    By 3sha

    Posted by Hello

    I recently bought a McFarlane Dragon Figurine. I got the Sorcerer’s clan dragon. It’s a 6 inch figure with really nicely sculpted wings.

    Found out about it from a site, and couldn’t resist this model, if only because of the crystal ball it was holding in the picture…little did I know that it was going to be ONLY in the picture.

    When I finally got the actual figure, the dragon wasn’t holding a crystal violet shade ball, instead it was holding a rubberized Jack stone shaped ball complete with marble effect. How’s that for mass production.

    Sigh, now I’ve to look for an actual crystal ball that will fit into that dragon.

    Vamp Chick in Real color

    By 3sha

    Vamp Chick

    By 3sha

    Vamp Chick
    Posted by: sylverlyt.
    Add one up to my toy collection.

    Fabo, an officemate and a really cool guy, gave this sexy rocker chick as a gift from his Hongkong trip. Nice huh? It's a character from Vampire Savior (>.< i'm not too familiar with that anime, though)

    Breath Taking

    By 3sha
    Flash back to me in highschool on the last day of school. Singing under my breath the eternal school rant song, “No more classes, No more school, No more teacher's dirty looks.”

    Ecstatic. I can already imagine myself lounging lazily on my bed watching shows on cable while shoving chips and sodas into my mouth. Almost tasting the first breath of freedom on the tip of my tongue.

    Fast forward to me now.

    On my desk in an ad agency. Thinking about the last month of hell while ffinishing up details of our latest grueling project. It's exactly 10 hours before holy week break and already I'm feeling giddy from the excitement of a REAL vacation. I haven't had a complete weekend in the last 7 weeks. It sucks not to have enough personal time to be lazy. It sucks getting home from work at 10pm on average only to continue working at home and not be paid for it. It sucks to be involved in a contractual deal for over a year now and not get paid-vacation leaves with it. It sucks not being able to play badminton and feel yourself grow fat by the minute.

    Either my Saturdays or Sundays (or both) is shot down by quickie projects given by demanding clients. So this break will be one heck of a holiday for me. Not the same brief vacations I kind of reward myself by being calling in absent for a day or two. This holy week break is going to be legit. None of the salary deductions or work-guilt involved.

    Thank God.

    Hot as Hell

    By 3sha
    The first time I took this test I went straight down to Level 8. So I retook the test a second time and found out that I wasn't able to clearly read some questions. Though, I still do have a HIGH rating for level 8 hehehe >:)

    The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Second Level of Hell!
    Here is how you matched up against all the levels:

    Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Low
    Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Low
    Level 2 (Lustful)Very High
    Level 3 (Gluttonous)Moderate
    Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Moderate
    Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)High
    Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Low
    Level 7 (Violent)Moderate
    Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)High
    Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Low

    Take the Dante's Inferno Test

    Happy New Year!

    By 3sha

    Quit touchin' my butt! Posted by Hello

    Couldn't help myself =D

    By 3sha

    Drew a quick icon of my "anime" using photoshop. ^_^Posted by Hello


    By 3sha
    Be An Anime Character
    by mangacatgirl
    Character Name
    HairMedium Length Purple Hair
    Fashion StyleNinja Gear
    Quiz created with MemeGen!

    Maid in the Philippines

    By 3sha
    And then there was one.

    It's a yearly event.

    Our maid once again managed to escape last night. "Escape," the word given by my ever so possessive-security-concious father. Escape, like we were all in a military boot camp. we were keeping them imprisoned in our house while also ironically paying for the wages they themselves need.

    Escape. Such a harsh but very much appropriate word.

    It was 12 midnight when we heard curious noises. What turned out to be mistaken for a cat last night, was actually the maid shutting the gate close.

    She took with her clothes of her co-worker, along with her sim card and some other hygiene stuff. It was early 6am when my mom found out and came into our room telling us about it. I was half-asleep, the kind of half sleeping with closed eyes deliberating whether to get out of bed that instant or not. Her voice a mixture of sadness, confusion and tired-anger. Later on I knew I'd hear the voice of interrogation, blame and disappointment from my father.

    This one caught everyone of us by surprise. The gates are always locked up at night, so how could she have gotten out? Continuous interrogation led to the missing keys of my brother. It went missing 3 days ago (aple time to plan a great escape).

    I can never understand why someone given wages and fair treatment would return it this way. I asked people if this ever happened to them, they said yes. So we weren't the only unlucky ones. This might even be a very usual scenario that happens to almost anyone who hires help around the metro.



    By 3sha

    So true...

    By 3sha
    Peeked through Duskwatcher's blog and found a couple of quizzes that I couldn't help but try out. hehe. This is actually one of my favorite movies plus I've read the book too.

    The Princess Bride
    I'm sure it's no big surprise to you that your
    romance is The Princess Bride. A heartwarming
    tale of "Twue Wuve" that has giants,
    Spainards and swashbuckling. You really do
    think that love can overcome anything. You may
    be a touch naive but your heart is certainly in
    the right place. You've probably got one of
    those relationships where proper nouns have
    been replaced with "Snookums" and
    "Pookie Pie". Eww. Beware a cuteness

    What Romance Movie Best Represents Your Love Life?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    .....I do not have snookums or pookie pie in my vocabulary.

    Anosa! Anosa!

    By 3sha

    Wheeeeeeee....more Naruto figurines! This time they're the full figure! An officemate went to Hongkong and bought this set for me at P350 only!

    From L-R: Chouji, ANBU Kakashi, Naruto's Rasengan, Uchiha Sasuke, Kiba & Akamaru ^__^Posted by Hello

    Cheesy packets courtesy of PAL

    By 3sha

    I was laughing my ass off on the plane to Manila when I opened my airline food tray. I'll have to hand an award to the guy who added little notes at the back of these packets.

    Towelette Clean and cool
    Salt Salt of the Earth
    Pepper Spice of Life
    Sugar Sweet Sensation (pwede to sa flavored condom! haha)

    PAL definitely needs a good writer haha...Posted by Hello