I think...I'm alive.

By 3sha
After so many months of wasted bloggable memories, I am back.

I've been capriciously in and out of myself. Depressed? No. Not really...well, maybe a little bit. But not enough to push me over the edge. I think I might have been transferring that energy into anger and angst.

The past months brought me nothing but jaded thoughts about work, people and my life. Details that up to now still cloud up whenever I try to think about it. Nothing big, just lots of the small stuff that I have to go through everyday about everything. They're like ticks biting all over but not really causing anything BIG enough for me to worry about. Well, until the wound gets rubbed the wrong way. Until, it opens up. Until, it never heals. Until, that moment runs right smack into you.

I had that moment. For months.

But it's gone now...

it did leave marks, but mostly, it's gone.

I even acquired a new lifestyle after it. But that's another story to tell.

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