Tuo saw chein?

By 3sha

Hoarded dvds & cds in China. These three are the best ones I got so far, the others are the usual dvd movies you see in Greenhills but I also got those for a really cheap price...P42 per DVD movie!

Got the Pink Panther collection for P500+, the U2 double-disc album (apparently the Chinese recopied the last U2 album and inserted it in the new one) & the Louie Armstrong double disc album for P84 each!

I'm beginning to love China more and more, hehe Posted by Hello

Oh Lookie!

By 3sha

Went to Xiamen, China for the holidays and was surprised to find an SM there. Syiempre, this being the closest thing to home, I had to check it out. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my Digicam when I finally got the chance to step inside. The exterior is still patterned after the SMs here: four streets surrounding the building. The interior was basically the same, much more similar to SM Megamall, they even patterned the floor-names after it i.e. Promenade. In fact, it was a little like dejavu, just walking inside SM Xiamen. They had center kiosks for smaller stores and the topmost floor was sectioned for furnitures only. Computers and gadgets were at the second floor. It was really nice seeing Bench and Penshoppe having their own stores there too, just means that there is enough room for locally made brands to make their mark abroad.

There wasn't really much of a difference between the SM there and the ones here, except for the fact that when I left the SM Xiamen I wasn't greeted with hundreds of cars nosily honking horns and taxis causing much traffic in the unloading area. ^__^ Posted by Hello

Judgement day

By 3sha
Call it spring cleaning if you must.

Tonight I cleaned out every drawer and storage box that had my name on it (...4 drawers, 5 storage boxes, 1 cabinet and 3 bookshelves).

I feel like I unearthed my past. Everything I had forgotten. Everything I wanted to forget. And everthing I shouldn't forget...namely, the year-old planners I had when I was on the verge of organizing my life.

Couldn't believe it when I read through all the letters, slumbooks (yes, I was also a highschool kid back then), old diaries, old notes, old sketches, old projects, old yearbooks...everything brought back old memories.

Photos reminiscent of ended relationships...some I was glad to have been saved from, and some I had hoped it to last. Letters that were never sent and letters that failed to keep its promise all piled up on my cleaning desk. As I sorted them out, only a few I tucked in my journal-the best ones-the hopeful ones...the others I left for the bin later.

I saw my old highschool slumbook, filled with farewells and good lucks from old friends. Friends who wrote down promises of "friends forever" that we both knew we could never keep. Names I couldn't match a face to and old telephone numbers, already obsolete, filled my address book.

Looking at my past all laid out in front of me I couldn't help but think "Are all these proof of my life's worth?" -- "Is this the same thing that happens when I die, my past flashes before me?" -- "I don't think the trash bin is large enough to hold all this!"

I get mixed feelings seeing my past, jumping from one emotion to another depending on the item. Hell, I can't even write on my blog with at least one straight thought. But I know one thing's for sure, memories attached to tangible things are much harder to forget.


Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!!

By 3sha

Woohoo! I finally got my first set of Naruto figurines! Five figures for the price of P380, big thanks to Comic alley.

From L-R: Tsunade (Fifth Hokage), Kakashi (*blush*), Naruto (Hidden Leaf's No.1 Loudest Ninja), Sasuke (Top Genin), Jiraiya (Perverted Hermit), Itachi (Sasuke's estranged bro)


Late Night

By 3sha
Just finished work.

At dahil bumabagyo ngayon sa bahay ko inuwi.

Deadline bukas. Binuno ko ngayong gabi.

Sa madaling salita, homework.

Tatlong beses na nag-brownout.

Tatlong beses ako nag-restart.

Tatlong beses din akong napikon.

Pero sige, dahil kailangan bukas.

Trinabaho ngayon.



By 3sha


I have to wear those starting next week. Yuck.

Doc says my left eye's weaker than my right, with a 125 grade. My right eye's 50. Kakagulat, ang layo ng agwat. Reason why I didn't notice the problem is because my right eye manages to help out my left eye see.

They initially wanted me to get contacts. But I declined, saying contacts demanded time every morning and patience to get those tiny things in my eye. Now I have to get glasses.

Gastos nanaman. Sasakit pa ulo ko sa salamin at magmumukha pa kong titser. Yuck.


A very holy coincidence

By 3sha
Just found out the names of our two new household helps...

Divine and Mercy ^____^


By 3sha

Starting Over

By 3sha
Being dragged into something you never planned to do in the first place could be quite literally...a drag. Tonight started as one of them.

I was dragged right into another unending (every Sunday of the week is a reunion requirement for the clan) family reunion. Not that I dislike seeing my relatives, but when it becomes a routine, boredom always gets to me like fly stuck on sticky paper. Same people, same topics, same uneasiness from nagging relatives. What agitated the whole issue was that tonight was a friday night. Meaning, night out with FRIENDS, not relatives. The deal behind the friday-sunday switch was that the "senior" clan members wouldn't be able to make it the coming Sunday. So everyone else (the children) would have to adjust schedules to fit theirs, hence the reunion tonight.

What irked me was that nobody even bothered telling me earlier about the switch. I had already made plans for a nice relaxing dinner with some friends. Up until the last minute I had to forego everything for the reunion. Disappointed, I dragged myself to greenhills and entered the venue. People could tell I wasn't having a high time being there. I hated every moment of it. I kept thinking to myself that I deserved a break from all this reunion stuff...until I saw my grandmother's expression.

Now anyone close to me would know the real story behind me and my relationship with my grandmother. They'd also know it wasn't always a happy one.

She looked as though she was heartbroken to see me not happy being there. It was the first time I saw that look, and it broke my heart to see that I was the cause of it. For someone who had a strong personality as my grandma, it hurt me seeing her hurt. And that was when I realized what compassion really meant. All the times I argued with duskwatcher about me having/not having compassion, finding what it means with words, defining and redefining it on my own, all of it came down to one look, and of all the people who would help me realize what compassion meant, it was my grandmother.

That look showed me years of strength, years of pain and years of wanting to see her grandchildren have a good life. Things that I never knew my grandmother was capable of showing. It was in this moment I understood everything. It was a turn of events that I wasn't ready to receive, but was shoved to me at the right moment.

I have to change my perspective. I realized that the time I had to spend time with her is very limited. I have to make it, at the very least, a happy one for her.


Good lord!

By 3sha
I finally got to terminate my cubeblog account. If you wanna know what cubeblog is, try surfing the site at cubeblog.com, read the entries, I'm sure you'll get a feeling why I terminated it. But if you're too lazy to find out...cubeblog is a blogging website with a photo blog feature that lets you send photos from your phone straight to your cubeblog account. Sounds nice? Wait til you try it out for yourself, especially if you're a globe user. It has very limiting web features meaning everyone's template is the same as everyone else's....no personality whatsoever. But the worst part of it is the crowd that logs into cubeblog and writes stuff about what they ate for dinner, copies and pastes forwarded net chain mails and song lyrics, and writes titles like "No BF since birth." Only few cubebloggers write with substance*. But the ratio is pretty low compared to the others who don't.

* creatively written, grammatically correct and is at the very least, read-worthy.

Just like Garfield

By 3sha
I hate mondays.

I've always hated mondays ever since the first day I had a decent job. For one thing, I always have a hard time getting my butt of the bed. Mondays are a sure sign of a loonng grueling week of work. It reminds me of the 2-day weekend that I spent sitting in front of a computer playing an addicting game of RO, in which case, on a Monday (and the rest of the week), I'll still be sitting in front of a computer and doing...ugh...work.

Monday is "ponedelnik" in russian, meaning "after doing-nothing." But what if I still wanted to "do-nothing" on a Monday?

sigh... and guess what, it's Monday today.


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Made this avatar from a korean website...closest semblance of myself. I'm just too lazy to create my own artwork. ;p Posted by Hello

Me on Sunset Blvd???

By 3sha

Saw this test while reading a friend's blog. Thought I might try it, since I'm not doing anything worthwhile anyway.

While I have never seen this movie, it being a 1950 classic is a nice touch (late nights of boredom with nothing to watch except for TNT movies, i think, rubbed off on me). Surfing the web for more info on this I found out that it won 3 Oscars and got 11 academy award nominations. Not bad....And it was also controversial (m loving this by the minute!)

[After the crowded preview of the movie in Hollywood the movie mogul supremo Louis B. Mayer, the top boss of ‘M-G-M’ told its maker, in red hot rage, "You have disgraced the industry that made you and fed you. You should be tarred and feathered and run out of Hollywood" ]

Now for anyone who has never seen it, I've added a short summary taken from one of the sites:

[Norma Desmond, a former silent movie star, befriends a young gentlemen. They become lovers. She wants terribly to get back into the movie biz but "she's all washed up". Also this longing to be in the movies has made her mentally ill. When her lover decides to leave her she shoots him, getting her the publicity she wants. ]

Storyline leans a bit to "Chicago" (or is it the other way around?). Since this my test result, am I really about fame? No, never did think so. I never did like popularity. I'd hide myself in a nook if I could.

Success, yep, but WHO wouldn't want success?

Avoiding the ordinary...Hell yeah!

2 out of 3 isn't so bad after all. Anyway, I'm gonna look for its dvd in MCS, just in case they have it there. ^.^



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Hey, it's my first blog! Damned. Now i can finally say i've really jumped into the webby bandwagon. hehe.
Almost everyone I know has a blog or a journal (as some of my friends call it). I never really understood why the heck anyone would want their thoughts exposed publicly on the net. But hey, who am I to judge hundreds (maybe thousands o.O) who open a window to their minds everyday on the world wide web. And, I am writing one myself.

I am usually a very private person, using the oldest method of writing my thoughts down...literally on paper. A diary. (sheesh, napaka-school girl style!) Ouch, definitely not the "dear diary" types you see on tv, with the hair in pigtails with pink bows and wearing "girly" stuff (wag pooo, nightmare ko yun!) With a diary, I can put in anything I want without the bother of anyone reading it, all my rants & raves about certain people, everything's there. But here, you actually write to be heard!


*scrolls up...rereads entry*

*looks around, sees no one's watching*

Weird! hahaha...am putting my thoughts down so you guys can read it, but am wary about other people actually seeing me write this stuff. Talk about insecurity, haha.

Oh well, I hope anyone who reads my official first entry enjoys it, if maybe for a little bit. Will have to make a habit of not forgetting to post here.

Favorite henna tattoo

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favorite henna Posted by Hello