Color Blind

By 3sha
Ignorance is bliss!

Having ignored all jos from "that" client starting 2pm yesterday, I managed to bring up my christmas party mood. Yey!

80s, our party theme, wearing a costume wasn't really mandated. But having spoken with Flo, a day earlier, I decided to look for an 80s costume at home. "Katuwaan" lang and if anyone won best in costume, Fabo would give away his painting as a prize. Not bad really. ^_^

I found my mom's really old blue and purple blouse. It looked more like shoulder pads with a blouse, rather than the other way around. Holding up her shoulder padded blouse she said, "I can't believe I wore that." Haha.

My sister unearthed mom's gray fishnet stockings and I went around looking for long colored socks.

After trying all that on for the first time, I realized I was glad to have been in diapers during the 80s (haha). With all the colors, I got confused. It was like all the design and color-choosing skills that I have as an artist were all thrown away in a multi-colored garbage bag.

I didn't even know which sneakers to wear. It's a good thing my sister was there to help me choose. I was literally color blind.

At the party, we started dressing up at 6pm. I was a bit hesitant and embarassed walking around in the shoulder padded blouse and fishnets.

But, guess what...I won! Lucky blouse! haha.

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  1. fran 9:41 AM
    wee! congrats! ^_^

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