Christmas? Where?

By 3sha
This is one of the busiest christmas ever. And I'm not exactly inside a mall.

Seated at my desk (well, soon to be ex-desk; we'll be moving floors again next year) I was worriedly glancing at my to-do list. It was getting longer and longer, while the days til christmas got shorter and shorter. I'm wondering if I even get to finish half of the list before the holidays (mostly consisting of 75% work and 25% from my personal life. Argh. I suck. Real. Bad.)

Sigh. Ah well. I'll be leaving Manila anyway come christmas. Going to HK Disneyland for the first time. I heard they had snow there (at least during the parade) and a really nice 3D light show. Can't wait. I promised my sister I'd take her to Mongkok ^_^

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  1. eus 8:54 AM
    wow! hk disney hehe. balitaan mo ko how much ang entrace :)

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